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ミニチュアオランダ:Miniature Holland

Well, I have been churning away at my internship for a month now.  Things are in full swing.  I spend most of my days conducting research and writing memoranda on international humanitarian law.  Some days are more exciting than others, but I really enjoy my job.  I cannot believe that I am already one-third of the way through.


At my office we have an espresso machine made by Nespresso. IT IS AWESOME! I had seen it in Boston near Copley square, but had never gone in.  Keurig machines are rather popular in the US, but aside from the ones made by Starbucks, they taste awful. Actually, I still have not tried the actual Nespresso pods, but even the imitation pods are very good.  By being able to make good coffee at work, I am saving a lot of money.  The only thing missing is the ability to make iced coffee.


Since coming to Holland, everyday I have been getting up, rushing to work, working all day, coming back to "the castle", eating a bit, and then going to sleep.  I really had not had a chance to explore The Hague.  Nonetheless, my British friend just moved to The Netherlands from Sapporo, Japan to begin graduate school, purely by chance.  Last weekend, he came to visit me in The Hague.  We did a lot of walking!  We visited the various government and UN buildings.  We even went to see the Peace Palace.  On top of that, the weather was finally nice.


My friend loves hamburgers, so we went to a burger place.  I ate too much, but it was really good.  The place is called Burgerz, and its tagline is "Pure Funky Burgerz".  I ordered the "Funky Cheese".  It has spinach leaves, red onions, tomato, blue cheese, grilled bacon, and walnut-honey salsa.  It was really good.  The food is pretty expensive at around 13 Euros for a burger, but it includes fries.  If you are ever in The Hague, I recommend you check it out.


The next day, my friend had to return to his university, but before he left, we went to Madurodam.  It is a giant outside park near the beach that houses numerous scale miniatures of The Netherlands.  It was quite impressive and sometimes comical.  The funniest thing would be when real birds would circle or land on the miniatures, making the birds look like a Mothra attack.  I also took the quintessential giant-stomping-on-the-village photo. It was actually a lot of fun!  Afterwards, I went with my friend to the central station to see my friend off.  We finished up with some fries.  I have been trying all of the different sauces since I got here.  They are interesting and will be charted in a later post.


It was good to see my friend after so many years.


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