火曜日, 10月 29

FDI, Frankfurt, and the Future: 外国直接投資、フランクフルト、未来

Last weekend, I traveled to Frankfurt to see my law school compete in the Foreign Direct Investment Moot Arbitration Competition; however, I only barely made it there. A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to meet with a partner at a firm in Amsterdam.  The meeting seemed to go well, so I emailed my professor for some advice and additional materials on commercial arbitration.  He responded with a few things to read and wrote, "see you this week in Germany."  I thought that the competition was this week, November 1st.  I checked online and sure enough, the competition was October 23-26.  I got permission to take time off from work, bought train tickets, and found an inexpensive hostel to stay at.  It all seemed to work out.  On Wednesday, I took my suitcase to work in anticipation of leaving for Germany immediately after work, but around 10:00 a.m. I got an email from the firm asking for me to come on Thursday.  At the same time, I was ecstatic about the invitation but worried about changing all of my travel plans.  With some help from my work colleagues, I changed my ticket and notified the hostel.  After work, I lugged my suitcase back to the castle and prepared to go back to Amsterdam.  The meeting in Amsterdam seemed to go well, but one never knows about how these things actually go.


Afterward, I boarded the train from Utrecht.  It was a pleasant ride down to Frankfurt.  Once at my destination, I soon realized that my hostel was in the red-light district of Frankfurt.  On top of that, the hostel looked more like a sketchy club.  The room was quite noisy as well with people coming and going at all hours of the night.  The internet at the hostel was also unbelievably slow.  I had difficulty even checking my email.  I was able to get enough intermittent signal to message my wife and some friends.  My friend who took over my old apartment contacted me to let me know that I PASSED the Massachusetts Bar Exam!  I was so excited!  I contacted my family and friends!  Even though it was nearly 2:00 a.m. I could not sleep at all.


The next day, I went to the competition to see my classmates compete.  I also had the opportunity to speak with my professors.  The team did great!  They delivered some excellent arguments and seemed to outmatch their competition.  Unfortunately, they did not advance to the next round.  Afterward, we all met up at a German restaurant.  It was very good, especially the sausages and sauerkraut.  We had a lot of fun.


The next day, I returned to The Hague.  Now I am trying to brace myself as I await the results of the New York Bar Exam.


土曜日, 10月 19

自転車 - Bicycle

This post was supposed to be a bit different.  I was planning to write about my bicycle and how nice it was to have; unfortunately, it was stolen last night.  Even though it was locked, someone took it while I was having dinner with my coworkers.  It is a shame, and it may result in paying for the lost bike.  Evidently, it is a rite of passage here.  Nonetheless, when I had a bike, it was awesome. On Tuesday we had the day off for Eid al-Adha, a Muslim holiday, so I took the bike for a ride.  I was trying to go to the Japanese garden to see the fall foliage, but got a bit lost and ended up in the dunes north of town.  It was a bit cold and drizzly, but the rain held off for the most part.  I also came upon some kind of water treatment plant and monastery.  It was nice to get outside and get some exercise.

このポストのテーマが違うになっていた。私の予定は私の自転車の吸って、それは便利とか。不運にも、昨日の夜に私の自転車が盗まれた。ロックちゃんと閉まっていたのに、同僚と一緒に晩御飯を食べながら誰か私の自転車を盗んだ。超残念。私は新しい自転車を買うかもしれない。明らかにオランダで通過儀礼です。それのにかかわらず、自転車を持っていた時はすごいだった。今週の火曜日にEid al-Adhaの為に休日があった。その日はイスラムの祭日です。そして、ちょっと自転車を乗った。紅葉を見るの為に和風庭に行ってみていたけど、ちょっと道を迷った。砂丘を見付けた。少し寒いと霧雨だけど、雨降らなかった。なんか水処理設備と修道院もみつけた。外で運転した良かった。

Moves App Summary Bubble 「一日概要」

火曜日, 10月 8

少し食べ物 - A Little Food

 Recently, I have been trying some different things at the local grocery store, Albert Heijn.  I am not a big cheese eater.  In fact, I try to not eat very much cheese because it is so unhealthy.  Nonetheless, I feel like since I am living in Europe, I should at least try some cheeses.  The cheese to the left is simply called "mature cheese", but the best one thus far was "old Amsterdam cheese".  It is a type of Gouda.  If you can find it in your local supermarket, I recommend it.  I have been enjoying another European snack called stroopwafel.  It is a caramel waffle snack and quite addicting.

最近、Albert Heijnという現地なスーパーで色々な事を食べてみていった。私はチーズあまり食べない。実は私は栄養が悪いから。それのに、ヨーロッパに住んでいるから、チーズを食べてみる。上に「熟成したチーズ」というチーズけど、食べてみた一番好きなチーズは「元アムステルダムチーズ」だ。結構美味しい。ハウダのタイプです。もし、見付かれたら、おススメだよ。もう一つヨーロッパなお菓子を食べてみていた。「stroopwafel」という。キャラメルワッフルです。実はこのお菓子はかなり中毒です。

This week my coworkers and I had to work late this week, so when we finished our assignment on Friday, we treated ourselves to some time at the beach.  It was a good way to end the week.


Scheveningen Beach (ビーチ)

Scheveningen Pier (桟橋)

月曜日, 9月 23

ミニチュアオランダ:Miniature Holland

Well, I have been churning away at my internship for a month now.  Things are in full swing.  I spend most of my days conducting research and writing memoranda on international humanitarian law.  Some days are more exciting than others, but I really enjoy my job.  I cannot believe that I am already one-third of the way through.


At my office we have an espresso machine made by Nespresso. IT IS AWESOME! I had seen it in Boston near Copley square, but had never gone in.  Keurig machines are rather popular in the US, but aside from the ones made by Starbucks, they taste awful. Actually, I still have not tried the actual Nespresso pods, but even the imitation pods are very good.  By being able to make good coffee at work, I am saving a lot of money.  The only thing missing is the ability to make iced coffee.


Since coming to Holland, everyday I have been getting up, rushing to work, working all day, coming back to "the castle", eating a bit, and then going to sleep.  I really had not had a chance to explore The Hague.  Nonetheless, my British friend just moved to The Netherlands from Sapporo, Japan to begin graduate school, purely by chance.  Last weekend, he came to visit me in The Hague.  We did a lot of walking!  We visited the various government and UN buildings.  We even went to see the Peace Palace.  On top of that, the weather was finally nice.


My friend loves hamburgers, so we went to a burger place.  I ate too much, but it was really good.  The place is called Burgerz, and its tagline is "Pure Funky Burgerz".  I ordered the "Funky Cheese".  It has spinach leaves, red onions, tomato, blue cheese, grilled bacon, and walnut-honey salsa.  It was really good.  The food is pretty expensive at around 13 Euros for a burger, but it includes fries.  If you are ever in The Hague, I recommend you check it out.


The next day, my friend had to return to his university, but before he left, we went to Madurodam.  It is a giant outside park near the beach that houses numerous scale miniatures of The Netherlands.  It was quite impressive and sometimes comical.  The funniest thing would be when real birds would circle or land on the miniatures, making the birds look like a Mothra attack.  I also took the quintessential giant-stomping-on-the-village photo. It was actually a lot of fun!  Afterwards, I went with my friend to the central station to see my friend off.  We finished up with some fries.  I have been trying all of the different sauces since I got here.  They are interesting and will be charted in a later post.


It was good to see my friend after so many years.


月曜日, 9月 2


It has been a very very long time since I have updated this blog.  I thought about giving it up, but in the past month I have moved to The Netherlands and begun working at an international criminal tribunal.  Well, a lot has happened.


Last year, the love of my life and I got married.  She moved from Sapporo to Boston, and on September 7, 2013 we got married.


After that, I began my final year of law school.  It was an excellent yet awful year.  I was on two competition teams, elected Executive Editor of the international journal, and did well in classes.  Despite that, it ended up being a rather petty and sad end to law school.  We escaped things a bit by going snowboarding 21 times this season.


Nonetheless, I made it to the end and graduated in May!  It was great to have all of my family there!


After graduation, I started studying for the bar exam.  It was awful.  My wife's grandfather passed away, so she had to go back to Japan.  Things were even more difficult.  While she was gone, my old roommate and friend stayed in the extra room to help with rent.  We struggled through the bar exam together.  We also ate plenary of barbecue, too.


At the end of July, I went to New York and for 2 days I took the New York bar exam.  On the third day I came back to Boston and took the Massachusetts bar exam.  I was so tired that I thought that I might die.  But, it is over.  Around the end of October I will get my results.  I cannot really think about that.  Afterward, I slept for about 2 days.

About one year ago, my friend got a job in Texas.  At that time, I promised to help with the move after the bar.  Therefore, I rode with my friend from Massachusetts to Texas.  I didn't do any driving at all.


ザリガニ (Crawfish) Étouffée

In mid-August, I came back to Boston.  My wife also came back, but she had some immigration problems.  As a result, she was not able to come with me in The Netherlands.  Things were terrible.  Suddenly, we had to find her a new place to live in Boston.  I planned to leave for The Netherlands at the end of August.  We looked at many apartments, but they kept falling through.  Not until I was in the ticket line at the airport did I get a call informing us that we finally got her an apartment!  Finally, things were looking OK and just in time!


I have arrived in The Netherlands and started my internship.  Once again, I will do my best for my loved ones!


See you next time!